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Dragonfly CP Desert Fire *B

Dragonfly CP Desert Fire.jpg
Dragonfly CP Desert Fire DAM.jpg
Dragonfly CP Desert Fire DAM 2.jpg

Dam: Dragonfly AV Hellcat 5*M EVVE 91) 

Dragonfly CP Desert Fire Sire's Dam.jpg

Sires dam: SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party 1*M (EEEV 90)

DOB: April 7, 2021

Sire: Dragonfly SOL Capriccio *B 
SS: Algedi Farm MH Solaris ++*B
SD: SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party 1*M  (EEEV 90) 
Dam: Dragonfly AV Hellcat 5*M (EVVE 91) 
DS: TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar +*B
DD: GCH Algedi Farm SHH Apogee 4*M (VEVE 90) 

More Info: 

Color: Buckskin

La Buena Vida farm is thrilled to add this gorgeous buck to our herd! He's out of the distinguished Dragonfly Farm with strong Algedi Farm lines! In 2019 his dam, Hellcat, scored an EVVE 91 with and E in shoulder assembly, a V in rump, and an E in rear legs, back, general appearance, and mammary! This is what her owner, Joanne Karohl, at Dragonfly Farm said about her, “Hellcat is one of our strongest milkers, with 5.1 pounds on her last test at 5 weeks fresh. She has a very well extended fore udder with lots of capacity.”

His sire, Capriccio, has produced many daughters with E’s and V’s in rump, mammary, general appearance, and shoulder assembly. Many of his daughter’s have earned Best Doe in Show wins. His daughters have proven to consistently have well attached, capacious mammaries. Dragonfly farm owner, Joanne says, “Capriccio has produced more consistently gorgeous kids here than any other buck we have ever used! He ranks 2nd among Nigerian bucks in the adgagenetics type search for rump angle, and 5th for rear udder height.” His sire’s sire, Solaris, consistently gave does who earned their SG designation and received LA scores of 90+. 

We thrilled to see what Desert Fire will bring to our herd! 


Desert Fire's sister (2nd freshening udder) Photo curtesy Dragonfly Farm 

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