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La Buena Vida AG Ciroc

Camerena 2020 2nd freshening.jpg

Ciroc's dam: La Buena Vida FM Camerena 3*M (VEEE 90)

Dreahook QS Aragon DAM.jpg
Dreahook QS Aragon DAM 2.jpg

Sire's dam: Dreahook SS Tucana (VEEV 90) 

DOB: January 7, 2022

More Info: 


We hate to let Ciroc go from our herd but we have so many does from his genetic lines he won't be able to get much work done here. We'd like to see Ciroc go to a performance home. He has been shown once and came in second in his large class. He's friendly and easy to handle!  

Sire: Dreahook QS Aragon 
SS: Dreahook SA Quick Silver
SD: Dreahook SS Tucana (VEEV 90) 
Dam: La Buena Vida FM Camerena 3*M (VEEE 90)
DS: SG RHV SMF Feldspar Matrix +*B (VEV 88)
DD: SG La Buena Vida IF Kalore 2*M (VVEV 88)

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