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La Buena Vida FM Camerena 3*M (VEEE 90) 

Camerena 2021 3rd freshening.jpg
Camerena 2021 3rd freshening_.jpg

2021 3rd freshening

Camerena 2020 2nd freshening.jpg
Camerena 2020 2nd freshening_.jpg

2020 2nd freshening

Camerena is sold to Sunset Mountain Farm 

DOB:  January 21, 2018

Sire: SG RHV SMF Feldspar Matrix *B (VEV 88)
SS: RHV CTO Show-me Flourish +*B
SD: SG Agape Oaks M Golden Fire 3*M/3*D (VEEE 90)
Dam: SG La Buena Vida IF Kalore 2*M (VVEV 88) 
DS: SG Jasper Pine EP Indiana Farmboy *B
DD: SG La Buena Vida Evie 1*M

More info:

Camerena 2019 FF udder.jpg
Camerena 2019 FF udder_.jpg

2019 FF udder

Height: 19.75

Color: Buckskin with moonspots

Camerena is one of our favorite does! She consistently kids with ease and always produces well balanced, correct kids. We love her rear udder height and width of attachments. She's easy to milk and is a heavy production doe. 

Kidding Record

DHIR Record

Linear Appraisal - structural traits 

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