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La Buena Vida DF Papi Chulo

La Buena Vida DF Papi Chulo.jpg
La Buena Vida DF Papi Chulo 2.jpg

Chulo's dam: La Buena Vida DD Dahlia

Dragonfly CP Desert Fire DAM.jpg
La Buena Vida DF Papi Chulo 3.jpg

Sire’s dam 2021: Dragonfly AV Hellcat 1*M (VEEE 91)

DOB: January 29, 2022

More Info:

Color: Buckskin

Chulo is a darling young buck who we are waiting to mature a bit before using. He is the result of a line breeding on SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M (EEVE 90) who scored a rear udder height of 44 at 5 years old! She also scored E's in General Appearance, Dairy Strength and Mammary. Who doesn't love this amazing doe! 

Sire: Dragonfly CP Desert Fire *B
SS: Dragonfly SOL Cappricio
SD: Dragonfly AV Hellcat 1*M (VEEE 91)
Dam: La Buena Vida DD Dahlia (+VVV 85)
DS: Hidden Hills Dirty Deeds DDC *B
DD: SG La Buena Vida FM Zara 2*M (+VVV 86)

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