La Buena Vida IF Lakota 2*M

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Lakota as a baby! So cute! 

DOB: January 23, 2015

More info:

Height 19.5

We are so thrilled to have Lakota back at our farm. She was sold as yearling FF to our neighbors at Copperhorse Vineyard. She came back to La Buena Vida each year for rebreeding.  As we watched Lakota mature we decided to bring in one of her beautiful does kids sired by Hidden Hills Dirty Deeds DDC *B. We were so impressed with Lakota and her doe kid we asked if we could bring her back into our herd.. Welcome home, Lakota! She is currently on milk test and will be included in linear appraisal when the time comes. 

Sire: SG Jasper Pine EP Indiana Farmboy +*B (+EE 85) 
SS: Rosasharn SH Epic (VEV 88)
SD: GCH Jasper Pine Little Bitsy
Dam: SG Double Sundog TY Penelope 1*M  (VEEV 90)
DS: Double Sundog CY Ty *B
DD: Double sundog PT Piper

Kidding Record

DHIR Record

Linear Appraisal