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Kidding Schedule Spring 2023

Dreahook QS Aragon.jpg

Notes: Silver possible

Reservations: 1st DOE (C.L.)

La Buena Vida DD Faretti.jpg
Lovitts Farm Rico Sauve.jpg

Notes: This combination of genetics should produce some very correct offspring with heavy milk production. 

Reservations: 1st DOE - Owner retained, 2nd DOE available, Buck retained 

La Buena Vida BH Fancy That.jpg
La Buena Vida C Toloache.jpg

Notes: This is a line breeding on SG Jasper Pine EP Indiana Farmboy +*B

Reservations: All offspring will be retained

La Buena Vida AG Anatase.jpg
Lovitts Farm Rico Sauve.jpg

Notes: This is a breeding we're very excited about! We're looking to see excellent rump structure as well as heavy milk production in these offspring. 

Reservations: 1st DOE retained, 1 buck may be available

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