For Sale

**Updated September 1, 2022**

Junior Does

$650 *JR DOE* La Buena Vida AG Berlin SOLD


DOB: Feb. 26, 2022

Sire: Dreahook QS Aragon
SS: Dreahook SA Quick Silver
SD: Dreahook SS Tucana (VEEV 90)
Dam: La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88)
DS: SG RHV SMF Feldspar Matrix +*B (VEV 88)
DD: Red Lotus MC Tierra 1*M (VVVV 88)

Senior Does

$675 La Buena Vida DD Clarise
(Clarise is bred to Dragonfly CP Desert Fire)

La Buena Vida DD Clarise.jpg
La Buena Vida DD Clarise FFudder.jpg

FF Udder

Dragonfly CP Desert Fire.jpg

Dragonfly CP Desert Fire

DOB: March 14, 2020

Sire: Hidden Hills Dirty Deeds DDC *B
SS: Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson *B (EVE 90)
SD: SGCH Bellafire BP Country Melody 7*M (EEEE 91)
Dam: La Buena Vida HC Clementine 3*M (++VV 84)
DS: La Buena Vida HH Hansum CharmR (VEV 87)
DD: SG La Buena Vida IF Sweet Caroline 2*M (+VE+ 86) FF score

More Info: 

Clarise is a promising young doe, she kidded unassisted with a single doe (which we retained.) We had to dry her off early because we had too many does in milk to manage properly. Clarise is available as a bred doe (she has been covered by Dragonfly CP Desert Fire.) She is sweet, easy to handle with excellent milk stand manners. 

La Buena Vida DD Clarise FF udder2.jpg
Dragonfly CP Desert Fire DAM.jpg
Dragonfly CP Desert Fire DAM 2.jpg

Dragonfly CP Desert Fire’s DAM “Hellcat”


$600 La Buena Vida BH Odysseus

La Buena Vida BH Odysseus.jpg
Dam- La Buena Vida TY Scarlett.jpg

Dam: La Buena Vida TY Scarlett

Sires Dam- La Buena Vida FM Fina 2_M (+EEV 88).jpg

Sires Dam: La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88)

DOB: Jan. 09, 2022

Sire: La Buena Vida JBL Blackhawk 
SS: La Buena Vida SC JackBeLittle
SD: La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88) 
Dam: SG La Buena Vida TY Scarlett 2*M (VVVV 85)
DS: Dill’s RD Truck Yeah *B (VVV 87)
DD: SG Jasper Pine SHH Demitasse 1*M (VEEV 88)