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La Buena Vida DD Wilhelmina

2023 First Freshening udder

DOB: January 30, 2020

Sire: Hidden Hills Dirty Deeds DDC *B
SS: Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson *B (EVE 90)
SD: SGCH Bellafire BP Country Melody 7*M (EEEE 91)
Dam: La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88)
DS: SG RHV SMF Feldspar Matrix +*B (VEV 88)
DD: Red Lotus MC Tierra 1*M (VVVV 88)

More Info:

Height: 19.50

Color: Chocolate 

Mina has such a beautiful first freshening udder (at three years old) with the rear udder attachments exactly where I want to see them. She is capacious, and milks everything out for you. She has  a smoothly blended foreudder with strong lateral attachments. We had some life challenges and didn't get Mina freshened until 2023, but we're very pleased with her and looking forward to seeing her udder mature throughout this lactation cycle.

La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88)


Sire's Dam
SGCH Bellafire BP Country Melody 7*M (EEEE 91)

Deeds Dam.png
Deeds Dam 2.png

More Photos

Wilhelmina as a yearling 2021
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