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Sunset Mountain Aintno Sunshine 

Baby Sunshine 

DOB: February 22, 2023

Sire: La Buena Vida DD Live Wire *B

SS: Hidden Hills Dirty Deeds DDC *B

SD: La Buena Vida HC Zuri 2*M (VEEV 87) ELITE 2022 97th% 

Dam: Suiters Cremosa Bambina 2*M

DS: Opaque Jsun Neau Bueno *B

DD: La Buena Vida SA Sarsaparilla 1*M (VEEE 88) 

More Info

Color: Buckskin

We jumped at the opportunity to bring Sunshine into our herd. She's a combination of our favorite and most productive La Buena Vida lines on the top and bottom. Sunshine is such a sweet it's hard not to adore her! Her grand dam Sarsaparilla (RIP) scored a 39 in RUH at 6 yrs old and her dam, Bambina scored a RUH of 46 as a FF! Thank you Sefanie Jacobs for breeding this fine girl and sending her over to us! 

Show History: 

Suitors Cremosa Bambina 2*M


Sire's Dam
La Buena  Vida HC Zuri 2*M (VEEV 87) Elite Doe 2022 97th%

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